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UCLA Telestroke Program


The UCLA Telestroke Network Partner Program gives Emergency Departments at community hospitals the opportunity for direct, immediate video consultation with stroke neurology experts at the UCLA Stroke Center, one of the world's leading stroke treatment centers. Read more »

UCLA Telestroke Network Partner Program
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  • How long will it take to implement the program?
  • Does our hospital need to already have telemedicine equipment?
  • What type of telemedicine equipment is supported?
  • Is there data indicating that teleStroke care results in good patient outcomes?
  • Who can I contact if I need additional information?

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Our Services

  • 24/7 acute stroke expertise on demand, from a world-leading stroke center
  • Definitive consultations with notes placed in local hospital medical records
  • Acute stroke coverage permitting hospital qualification as a certified Stroke Center for local EMS systems
  • Orientation program for Emergency Department nurses and physicians
  • Rapid access to next generation treatments in NIH-funded clinical trials
  • Round the clock IT support maintaining telemedicine network outside of hospital firewall 

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Contact Information

UCLA Stroke Center
710 Westwood Plaza, RNRC
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Hotline: 1-877-DRSTROKE
Tel: (310) 794-6379
Fax: (310) 267-2063

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